Bethel Baptist Church

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16 exness


Lord’s Day: 11.00 am  and 6.00 pm     Thursday Bible Study: Bible Study 7.45 pm exness thailand

The Book of Revelation Chapter 1

The Promise of Blessing

2nd Oct 2016

Rev 1:1-7

The Things which must shortly come to pass

23rd Oct 2016

Rev 1:19

The Lamb of God Enthroned

9th Oct 2016

Rev 5:7-14

The Final Word on Bible Doctrine

16th Oct 2016

Rev 1:12-18

The Apostolic Benediction

30th Oct 2016

Rev 1:1-3

In The Spirit on The Lord’s Day

20th Nov 2016

Rev 1:9-18

Washed in the blood of the Lamb

6th Nov 2016

Rev 1:1-8

Behold he cometh with Clouds

13th Nov 2016

Rev 1:1-8

The Lord in His Glory

27th Nov 2016

Rev 1:9-18

The Seven Churches

8th Jan 2017

Rev 1:16-20

The Key to the Book of Revelation

4th Dec 2016

Rev 1:17-20

The Seven Stars

11th Dec 2016

Rev 1:19

Chapter 2

Losing the First Love

15th Jan 2017

Rev 2:1-7

5th Feb 2017

Rev 2:12-17

The Nicolaitans and the Tree of Life

22nd Jan 2017

Rev 2:1-7

Smyrna:Imperial Rome Persecutes the Church

29th Jan 2017

Rev 2:8-11

Pergamos: When it was popular to go to Church

12th Feb 2017

Rev 2:12-17

Thyatira: Jezebel comes to Church

19th Feb 2017

Rev 2:18-26

Thyatira: A Trail of Blood

26th Feb 2017

Rev 2:18-24

Chapter 3

Sardis: Coming out but coming short

5th March 2017 exness th

Rev 3:1-6

26th March 2017

Rev 3:7-13

Sardis: The Non Watching Church

12th March 2017

Rev 3 :1-5

19th March 2017

Rev 3:7-13

Philadelphia: Kept from the Hour

2nd April 2017

Rev 3:7-13

Philadelphia: The Last Trumpet

9th April 2017

Rev 3:7-13

The Day of Christ & The Day of The Lord

23rd April 2017

Rev 3:7-13

Pergamos:Imperial Rome Recieves the Church

Philadelphia: The Church of the Open Door

Philadelphia: The Faithful Church of the Last Days

For Those who Stand

7th May 2017

Rev 3:7-13

Images of the Philadelphia Era -1

14th May 2017

Rev 3:12-13

The Rise of New Evangelicalism

4th June 2017

Rev 3:14-22

Images of the Philadelphia Era - 2

21st May 2017

Rev 3:12-13

Laodicea - The Church of The Last Days

28th May 2017

Rev 3:14-22

Laodicea - Rich and increased with Goods

18th June 2017

Rev 3:14-22

Christ at the Door

25th June 2017

Rev 3:14-22