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Lord’s Day exness: 11.00 am  and 6.00 pm     Thursday Bible Study: Bible Study 7.45 pm

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son exness thailand, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16

  02- Strangers in a strange land

  04- Prayer during the time of the Gentiles

 06- The Revived Roman Empire

 08- The 666 Statue

 10- The Fiery Furnace

 12- Is not this Great Babylon?

 14- From a Beast to a Beast

 16- The Handwriting on the Wall

 18- From Babylon to Persia

 20- The End of the Times of The Gentiles

 22- The Bear and the Leopard

 24- The pricking Briar and ISIL

 26- The People of the Prince that shall come

 28- The Ancient of days and the Son of Man

 30- The Everlasting Kingdom

 32- The Time of The Gentiles For Jerusalem

 34- The Gates of Jerusalem

 36- The vision of the ram,the goat & little the horn

 38- The Antchrist Goes To War

 40- Gabriel Comes To Daniel's Aid

 42- The Antichrist Broken Without Hands

 44- Praying To Leave Babylon

 46- The Time of The Evening Sacrifice

 48- The Decree of Cyrus Launches The 70 Weeks

 50- Unto the End of the War Desolations are       Determined

 52- Christ Appears To Daniel

 54- Daniel's People In The Latter Days

 56- King's on Parade- A Key To Bible Chronology

 58- A Mighty Greek King Shall Stand Up

 60- The Most Evil Man In The Old Testament

 62- The Bridge To The Future

 64- He Will Not Regard The Desire Of Women

 66- The Wilful King Invades

 68- Faithful In The Fire

 70- How Long Will It Be

03- The Dining hall and the Dream

07- The Stone becomes a Mountain

09- The Gathering

11- The Fourth Man

13- The Woman in the Basket

15- Mercy to Nebuchadnezzar

17- Belshazzar meets Daniel exness th

 19- Delivered from the Lions Den

21- The Four Beasts

23- The Psalm 83 War

25- The Fourth Beast

27- The narrowing road to the Antichrist

29- The investiture of the Son of Man

31- A Portrait of the Antichrist

33- If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem

35- The Eastern Gate

37- The Great Horn Broken

39- The 2300 Days Telecast

41- The Antichrist stands up

43- The Great Prophetic Clock

45- Prayer For The Immediate Rebuilding Of      Jerusalem

47- The Six Blessings At The End Of The 70 Weeks

49- The Breach of Promise

51- The Overspreading of Abominations

53- Angelic Warfare

55- Kings On Parade

57- King's On Parade - Xerxes

59- Antiocus Ephiphanes

 61- Hanukkah

63- He Will Not Regard The God Of His Father's

65- The Daniel 40-45 War

67- A Time Of Trouble Such As Never Was

69- Counting The Days

Daniel Series

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